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The plethora of beautiful beaches both at Kalypso and around it has lead to great tourist development in the whole area. However, it is only these beaches which attract visitors. Above Plakias, the Kotsifou gorge, traversed by car, is very imposing with its narrow entrance from the north. Further east, the road again passes through the majestic Kourtaliotiko gorge. The river formed by the waters of the Kourtaliotis and known as Megalos Potamos, then flow through a little gorge amidst numerous Theophrastus’ palm trees; its mouth on the beach constitutes one of the most important natural beauty spots on Crete. In the lovely villages of the area, most of which have tourist facilities, there are a number of Byzantine churches. The most important religious monument in the region is the Monastery of Preveli, or Piso Moni as it is called, although a stop at the old monastery, a little before it, is compelling. The enjoyable mild climate, specially during may, June, September and October with wide range of colours from 950 kinds of flowers, herbs and other plants in nature, surrounded from the blue colour of sky and sea, make somebody to walk to cross this paradise through selected routes, and result is to revitalizing his self.


Around Kalypso

Walking around Kalypso Cretan Village gives the walker the opportunity to enjoy the endless view of the Mediterranean, the towering mountains above the sea, the thousands of flowers and the traditional villages of the region. We have created some very nice walking paths towards two directions: one towards Plakias (on the west) and another one towards the beautiful beach of Damnoni (on the east). Walk two hours with a guide, swim in the beautiful sea, go rock climbing or enjoy a traditional drink.

Around Plakias

The route around Kalypso include some of the most beautiful beaches of Creta like Damnoni, Amoudi and more smaller (2km with asphalt and earth road) . Continuing route inside a forest of olive trees (5,5km asphalt and earth road) we visit the picturesque villages Lefkogia and Asomatos, the museum of traditional tools and pottery workshop. From Asomatos inside from woody vegetation and beside from running water and huge view of the sea, passing the picturesque village Mariou we arrive to the traditional village Mirthios (5km asphalt and earth road) when we have a break enjoying the impressive view of the area and sea and refreshed we sholve through an impressive path (2km) until to arrive the bottom of a gorge where running waters, ancient water mills and the woody vegetation are ecstatic and at the end there is the coastal turist area PLAKIAS where we can buy something we need and during a small break we can swim in the sea and to have a lunch. Continuing there is a coastal route (4km road with asphalt and an impressive path) that take us back to Kalypso keeping in our memory for ever unforgettable pictures.

Preveli Tour

Imposing tour through the Kourtaliotiko gorge down to the Preveli beach with dynamic changes of the environment during the walking. You will enjoy the spectacular views down the gorge and the surrounding mountains which provide a roosting site for the Griffon Vulture. We start walking in the morning in the middle of the Kourtaliotiko gorge. First we will walk down 260 stone stairs to the Agios Nikolaos church. Near to the church is a view point from where you can see the Kourtaliotiko waterfalls. Then we will follow the pathway from the waterfalls along the river to the bottom of the gorge. On the way you will meet remains of the old hippie houses. We will come out in front of the old olive mill. Then we will continue walking through the fields until the Venetian bridge. After a short break for a snack near the bridge or a short swimming in the little lake of the river we will take the right side of the river and continue up to the hills of the gorge. On the way you will enjoy the spectacular views down the gorge until the views open to the view down to the delta of the Megalopotamos river. The gorge ends at the sea creating a small lake surrounded by palm trees, at Preveli beach. The beach of Preveli is one of the most famous beaches in Crete, beautiful and romantic and there you will have 2-3 hours time for sunbathing, swimming or having a lunch. From Preveli beach we will return back to Plakias by boat.

European Path E4

The European long-distance paths are a network of long-distance footpaths that traverse Europe. The European Path E4 comes along Greece, between different countries, and part of it is located on Crete. One stage of this path is between the villages Agouseliana and Spili. This stage is very close to Plakias and Kalypso and is worth hiking for people who enjoy this activity. The length of this stage of European Path E4 is about 13km and the estimated time is about 4 hours.


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