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Underwater Wedding

KALYPSO ROCK’S PALACE Dive Center is proud to have organized the first two underwater weddings in Greece. Even if this is a trend in many countries, underwater weddings are not quite developed in Greece yet, which made the successful organization of these weddings even more important. These weddings combine extraordinary scenery - the couples exchange their vows of eternal love in the beautiful bottom of Southern Crete Sea - with traditional Cretan style weddings including food and music.

The first underwater wedding took place in May 2014 when the Russian couple, Renat and Maria, decided to do something special for the more important day of their life. Even if the 28-year-olds were not specialists in diving, they took a few lessons and they were ready to make their dream come true.

The second wedding under the sea was held in October 2014, when Zachara from South Africa and Renata from Hungary also chose this place to exchange their vows. Zachara and Renata had a passion for scuba diving and the idea of a ceremony in the bottom of the sea, under the sound of Cretan lyra, the famous traditional instrument, was ideal.

KALYPSO ROCK’S PALACE Dive Center had prepared everything about the special occasion and is ready to do the same for the next couples who will choose this special place for their wedding.


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