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2,500 years ago the ancient Greeks and Hippocrates formulated the term "thalassotherapy" which is used internationally today and since then the use of the sea and its potential has been constantly promoted.

The positive biological effect of the climate and the marine environment has a stimulating effect on all functions of the human body through solar radiation, ozone, iodine, ionization of the atmosphere and sea baths. The marine climate also has a soothing effect due to the relative stability of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

The climate in the Greek, southern especially coastal areas of Crete, characterized by high sunshine with rejuvenating properties, contributes to the local thalassotherapy and spa centres that the hotels have, making Crete a unique destination for Spa Hotels, Wellness Spa Hotels and therapeutic and health tourism in general.

Centres should be located close to the coast, water should be pumped locally, and the sea and the environment should be clean. The objective is to absorb all the vital elements of seawater and to activate the osmosis process in the human body.

In 1904 the French biologist Dr. Rene Quinton said:

"Our body is nothing but a sea tank with a few billion cells swimming around in it."

The effect of the warm clear sea water has been proven beneficial in cardiovascular conditions, respiratory, dermatological problems, etc. It is also particularly effective in musculoskeletal diseases, such as pains and spasms, neck syndrome, back pains, arthritis, rheumatism. It improves circulation, helps detoxification, stimulates metabolism and strengthens our immune system.

It plays a large, very important role in dealing with the "modern diseases" of our time: stress, overwork, poor diet, air pollution and mild depression. Experts argue that a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being enlivens both the body as well as the soul and spirit.

The use of hot treatments should be avoided in severe circulatory problems of the lower limbs, such as thrombosis and phlebitis. 


Hydro-massage in clear warm seawater, offers the skin hydration and nourishment as well as a special feeling of rejuvenation. The products of the sea (seaweed, mud, etc.) help to increase the metabolism of the cells, resulting in more burning in the body. The skin is oxygenated, absorbs all the nutrients and is rejuvenated. This results in weight loss, cellulite fighting and skin tightening.

At the CRETAN ZEUS aesthetic and thermal medicine centre, experienced professionals offer body (or face, depending on the case) application with specially processed mixtures of seaweed, marine sediments and salts, while we often add drops of essential oils (aromatherapy) to enhance the lipolytic properties of seaweed in the treatment of cellulite, local fat, slimming, tightening and hydration of the skin. It also shows a spectacular improvement in the problem of cellulite, in the treatment of aging, in proper and deep exfoliation, relaxes and rejuvenates the body, the face and the spirit, offering a soft and hydrated skin. It improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body, while at the same time opening the pores so that nutrients can penetrate deeply.

The application is done on a disposable plastic sheet with which we wrap the body and then the person lies down in a special thermotherapeutic thalassotherapy bag, whose temperature gradually increases to the thermotherapeutic limits of 45ο C where it remains for 25 to 30 minutes.

This is followed by a hot shower to remove the remains of the seaweed, without losing the desired hyperemia, while immediately afterwards we perform lymphatic hand massage or full-body relaxing massage (anti-stress massage), using cosmetic products and essential oils, always in combination so as to enhance the therapeutic effect.

The Lymphatic Massage helps to quickly and effectively detoxify the body, improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, reduce cellulite, lose points and thus lose weight!


“The effect of the warm, clear sea water on the human body is a complementary treatment to the healing medicine.”

The positive biological effect of the climate and the marine environment has a stimulating effect on all functions of the human body through solar radiation, ozone, iodine, ionization of the atmosphere and sea baths. The marine climate also has a soothing effect due to the relative stability of the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

In this environment, the effect of seawater on the human body implies only the use of untreated seawater, which can be heated to favour its absorption by the open pores of the skin.

This mechanism is based on the fact that the seawater that has been recently pumped from the sea is heated to a temperature of 32-35ο C and this activates negative ions, which penetrate the body through the skin, carrying the vital elements of the sea to each organ. In addition, our skin is negatively charged, but the deeper layer of the skin is positively charged so that the electrolytic current is directed from the negative to the positive direction. Initially the negative ions move through the epidermis to the dermis, where they are taken up by the capillaries, and then carried to the blood and through the blood to the other organs.

This healing process causes weight loss by activating the mechanism of fat dissolution, stimulating the muscles and skin while helping to treat cellulite and phlebitis and rebuilding the skin by restoring and removing dead cells. In addition, it activates the circulation of lymphatic fluids, enhances the absorption of various substances through the skin, detoxifies and provides essential minerals to the body, removing swelling and toxins.

Furthermore, it increases respiratory capacity, improves uric acid excretion and blood pressure in hypotensive individuals, while it does not affect the blood pressure of people with normal blood pressure. It also causes skin toning and an increase in muscle tone and capillary resistance. In addition, it has a favourable effect on the endocrine glands, particularly the thyroid, parathyroid and gonads, and on growth, with an increase in weight and stature.

The time required for the completion of the thalassotherapy mechanism, so that the active elements of seawater can fully penetrate the human body, is at least 20 minutes, which is recommended as the minimum time for people to stay in seawater pools.

Of particular thermal value is:   

  • Inhalation therapy with sea steam which enhances the resistance of the defense system to air pollution.
  • Hydrokinesitherapy in a seawater pool 
  • Hydro massage with seawater bubbles 
  • Sprinkling with seawater 
  • Rest treatment


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